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App to set notes in AR “Billboard AR”


App to set notes in AR  “Billboard AR”

Place notes in the world that you can see through the iPhone and iPad cameras.

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Note consist of photo, titles, text memo, voice note, map (location information), and address.

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How to use

1.  Tap the “+” button to create a new Note with photo, location information, etc., and it will be displayed in front of the camera.

2.  To add information, tap the displayed Note. You can go to the editing screen and enter the title, text memo, voice memo, and adjust the position.

3.  To fine-tune the GPS coordinates of the current position, press the “calibrate” button. Drag the green pin on the map and press the “calibrate” button on the map screen, the GPS coordinates are adjusted, and the coordinates of the augmented reality world are adjusted accordingly.

4.  You can check the list of notes by tapping the list mark button. Notes in the current folder are displayed in the order of creation.

5.  For each folder you can back up to iCloud.


Expected release date

It is scheduled to be released in early July 2018.